Business partner training

We recognise that supporting our partners and helping them to understand our products is vital to a successful relationship and improved customer understanding

Helping you to guide your customers

Brokers and business partners take part in training workshops, using tools and methods to keep the session engaging, informative, and relevant to the products you are selling. 

You can choose to take various learning routes, from self-guided, to face-to-face training modules which could help you to: ​​

  • Support the development of your staff
  • Discuss the key benefits of legal expenses insurance to your customers
  • Ensure that your customers make informed choices when deciding what products or services they require​
  • ​Our research shows that customers do not understand what legal expenses insurance is or how it can help them when they need it. In addition, customers are often unaware that they may already have cover included with other products. 

    What is LEI?  

    With our training programmes and resources we aim to improve your understanding of legal expenses insurance in order to help you to better communicate the benefits to your customers.

    DAS benefits - personal  DAS benefits - business

    If you would like to discuss the options available to you or arrange training please contact

    Our research shows that a lack of customer understanding is a key barrier to the take-up and use of legal expenses insurance

    How do I become a broker partner?

    If you’d like to help your clients with legal expenses insurance products from DAS, follow these simple steps to sign up as a partner.

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    DAS offers a number of different legal expenses insurance products, for both individuals and businesses.

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