DAS view on motor insurance database

8th January 2018

AdrienneAdrienne O’ Sullivan, CEO of DAS Ireland, has commented on the government’s plan to introduce a database of motor insurance claims.

The database is intended to give a clearer picture of how the costs of claims affect motor insurance premiums.

There has been much comment around the cost of motor insurance in the last months and the Irish insurance industry continues to take many positive steps to ensure premiums are commensurate with the risk.

The size of personal injury awards and associated legal costs have for many years been a constant focal point in this market.

The setting up of a The National Claims information Database, the drafting of the Bill for which has merely been approved by the Government at this stage, will give powers to the Central Bank to maintain a database to carry out statistical analysis of movements in insurance claims costs and trends.

This was seen by the Cost of Insurance Working Group as an essential link to understand how claims are impacting premiums and in particular the relationship between the price paid by the consumer and the cost to insurers.

Any initiative which results in a positive outcome for the Customer will surely be widely welcomed.

DAS Ireland CEO honoured by Insurance Institute of Dublin

Adrienne O’Sullivan, CEO of DAS Ireland, has become the first woman to receive the Insurance Institute of Dublin’s annual President’s Award.

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