Employment manual

A comprehensive guide to employment procedures under Irish law.

Please remember that employment is a changing area of the law and this manual reflects the situation at the time of writing. The Employment Manual is updated regularly to reflect changes in the law but there may be times when a part of the manual is out of date, so it is important to seek legal advice on specific matters. If you have a Commercial Legal Expenses Insurance policy, you can do this by using your legal advice helpline.


This section covers the recruitment process, shows example application forms and job descriptions, informs about the importance of obtaining references and how to go about making an offer of employment.

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This chapter of the Employment Manual covers issues such as Working Time Regulations, maternity/paternity rights, minimum wage, stakeholder pensions and disciplinary procedures.

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The family section of our employment manual explains the family provisions that must be made for employees, including rights to parental leave and maternity and paternity pay.

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Termination of Employment

This chapter of the Employment Manual covers issues such as disciplinary hearings, health/medical issues, notice rights, fair/unfair dismissals and redundancy guidance notes.

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The Employment Manual refers to a number of policy documents and forms. Those items not included within the chapters themselves are held as appendices to the main document.

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Employment manual - Complete

Here you can download the employment manual in full.

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